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Full Version: Afternoon Quiz
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11, thanks Jackford. Rather surprised that I guessed right so often.
12 - thank you, jackford.
11 cheers Jack

Thanks jack.
Thank you jackford. 8


10 today, cheers Jack.
11. Note to self, read the question. "Roman" not Greek Smile

Thank you, jackford.
legs 11

Thank you jack.
14, with a couple of good guesses. Must pay more attention to The Simpsons Rolleyes
11... Running out of wines has its consequences of an evening...
12. Thank you jackford
10, and lucky to get that,
Thanks Jackford

I'm going to blame the excess sunshine!
Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: December 20, 2021

9 today, cheers Rumpelteazer


12, Thank you Rumpelteazer
Legs 11.

Thanks jack.
9, thanks Rumpelteazer