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Full Version: Afternoon Quiz
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7 for me, thanks Crafters _corner
A mere 6. Thank you crafters corner

Thanks olwen.
Re Q1 - "flower"?
Re Q7 - I'd describe that as a winter sleighing song, not a Christmas carol

10/15 - thank you, olwen. Smile
9 cheers Olwen
Thank you Olwen.


5, thank you Olwen
9 and I'm feeling grinchy.
a dismal 5 for me - but then I was never going to get answers when I've never seen the movies.
If Stuff seriously think that people will know the answers to that lot of stupid questions, then I'll eat more Chrissy cake.

^ Definitely eat more cake, crafters_corner, that'll teach 'em Wink

"Your score: 6 / 15
Fair to middling. But you can do better. Keep at it!"

Thank you, olwen.
Thank you Olwen. I got 7 Smile

7 for me, but I think that question 11 was not well phrased, and believe that my answer was acceptable.

Thank you olwen.
7 today.
10 - thank you, olwen. Smile
Thank you Olwen. 9


11, thanks Olwen  Wink