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Full Version: Afternoon Quiz
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4 for me! My worst ever. It's all those damned sporting questions, I never have a clue.
10 - just; too many sports questions.
10 for me. Lots of stabs in the dark.

12! My brain obviously works better after a good dose of streamed science fiction..
8 today.
12 today. quietly pleased.
10 again today.
11 today
Me too.
Me too!
Crap - only 5 for me.
Today's was a stinker, I think - & sports questions again, which I never get.
I can do better...7 fgs!
11 today, including several lucky guesses.

I know the quiz is called Trivia, but I would love to find a quiz that is more about general knowledge and not so focussed on dates.
9 today