Recipes - Rules
1) Keep posts in the relevant sections
2) Please do not post comments containing:
- "Flames" or insults towards any other member
- Any obscene or offensive material (such as pornography)
- Any spam or advertising (e.g. your own business or product), unless it's to show off something cool
- Topics or titles in ALL CAPS (it is seen as shouting)
- Any derogatory comments or racism
- Anything illegal or any material that breaches copyright or Trademarks
3) Do not post spam (e.g. advertising)
4) Ensure that your signature remains a reasonable size and does not contains images (as it clutters up the website)
5) Ensure that your avatar (profile image) is not offensive and is in good taste
6) Do not post other member's personal details
7) Do not be a troll (purposely trying to evoke an emotional reaction from people)
8) Do not argue with the enforcement of the above rules - moderators reserve the right to remove any offending posts, or if necessary, impose bans

In general, keep it clean, respect others and their privacy, and keep it legal. We encourage you to express and discuss your views, but respect that everyone has a different opinion and that everyone's views matter just as much as yours.