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Another large cat sighting - nzoomed - 28-10-2020

Wish we could get better footage/photos, but there has been so many sightings, I think they warrant further investigation.
Perhaps setting some motion activated cameras and some traps is worthwhile.

RE: Another large cat sighting - Rumpelteazer - 29-10-2020

It is hard to tell from the video just what sort of animal it is but it does not seem to me to be very much like a cat. This story has been around for so many years and sightings have ranged over so much of the south island. Like you say it would be good if some further investigation could be done.

RE: Another large cat sighting - nzoomed - 29-10-2020

I just think its so co-incidental that so many people are discovering cats in the area.
They definitely look like a larger than normal sized cat, thats for sure.
Geoff Mackley, who is a well known cameraman, has even got footage of a cat on his youtube channel.