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Car parts at less then half price of local prices
Update parcel has arrived 0 Gst or other taxes have been paid was delivered no signature required and was of cours in the rain Where i could not see it from the shop.
Now I can tell you the truth since i did not pay gst it was over 1 grand but i could proof in court it was below as officially i paid 954 or so doller ... but i have had 150 pound store credit. From cash money notes that the banks would not exchange So i sent 150 pound in the envelope for 3 doller or what ever it cost to post a letter of no value to them with a note put as store credit because of nz mafia gungster thugs and i cant come to uk etc. As some would recall i wrote on tradme forum sending the cash over .
Also i also did not send cash as that is illegal right.. Anyhow it was that plus 150 pound on top for this order . so 1 grand will make it with nill GST nill taxes now if the seller is willing to ship To nZ.
My other parcel still says transit korea departing.
This is what it took to deliver from auckland in reverse almost 2 weeks from auckland to whangarei.

Today 09:43
Today 08:19
With courier for delivery
9 Dec
9/12/2021 22:51
Processing at depot
9/12/2021 10:43
Processing at depot
9/12/2021 10:43
Oversized - unable to deliver
8 Dec
8/12/2021 09:34
Collected from sender
Airport Oaks
1 Dec
1/12/2021 03:23
Tracking number allocated to parcel

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