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What's the oldest thing you have, that you still use?
It's the oddest thing for me. A plastic comb. It was my Dads, and he had it for goodness only knows how long. I always remember it. I use it every day. It's a bit of a treasure.
A string of beads including some from a Neolithic site. So around 12000 years old?

Which I think is pretty cool.
I have some of my Mum's Jewellery from when she was a little girl and recently let my grand daughter choose one to remember her Oma by
We have a roasting dish we bought in 1977, which we still use.
I do have other cameras!
My fridge water jug is 1950s...

They made stuff to last back then.
A little hand held mouli which chops up herbs; it's metal & has the words 'mouli, parsmint' & 'patent pending' on it. It was my grandmothers so has been used by 3 generations - so far.
in order to be old & wise, you must first be young & stupid. (I'm still working on that.)
A little wooden spoon that I've had since I first went flatting several decades ago. I still use it often.
Over the years I have bought a lot of retro items for my kitchen, because they remind me of the first home kitchen I can remember. Like you I use those things daily and they give me huge pleasure.

Isn't it interesting that it is those mundane things that we treasure...
It is interesting hunni. The comb that I have seen my Dad using, is my treasure. It's a connection to a wonderful memory.

I wonder if one of my girls would like it when I kick the proverbial. Hmmmm, probably not. I might have to take it with me.
I tried to persuade my daughter to value the tiny unimportant things that were significant to me.

No such luck, lol.

I think it must be a very individual thing.
Everyones attachment to something, and everyones memory of something, is completely different.

It can be hurtful I suppose, if your kid doesn't want your treasures, but a different generation brings with it, other things that are important. Someone might want my car, but they'd tell me to clean it before I die.:-))
My husband.
(05-12-2021, 03:45 PM)Outsider Wrote: My husband.
lol. I knew someone was going to go there. Big Grin
Quite possibly the Zip toaster I've had for 33 years. It's the best performing toaster I've known - better than even ridiculously expensive ones.

Ten years ago I bought a second hand one as a backup. I may never need it!
Autumn comes
I was burgled a few years back and they took a lot of sentimental stuff, so to answer your question the oldest thing that i have and still use is ME (just)
A Wooden Step Ladder made by my late brother [who passed away 1967].
He made this when he was in form 2 woodworking in '61. When I figure out how to post a image, will do so.
(06-12-2021, 03:54 AM)jackford Wrote: A Wooden Step Ladder made by my late brother [who passed away 1967].
He made this when he was in form 2 woodworking in '61. When I figure out how to post a image, will do so.
When you do a 'new post', there is an 'attachments' area. I think that is where you post images.

Would be cool to see it jack.Smile
That's lovely. I still use the knives my husband made back in the eighties before he was killed. And my grandmother had a table her brother made for her before he went to Gallipoli. Sometimes the things we treasure have some serious personal sentiment wrapped up in them.
Here tis Smile

[Image: watch?v=AZMc78HNZ0k]    
(06-12-2021, 08:54 AM)jackford Wrote: Here tis Smile

[Image: watch?v=AZMc78HNZ0k]
That is fantastic jack. Arn't we all lucky to have such treasures from our passed loved ones.

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