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What temperature is it at your place right now?

103F or 39.44C in my lounge, right now. With the doors open...

But don't worry, my aircon is working...
About 27C inside, and about 38C in my shed. Lots of things I need to do in my workshop, but not in this weather. It can wait until winter, when it will be too cold and I won't do anything then either. Nice to have an excuse. No aircon for me - I've moved my workshop fan into the's like having a Spitfire in the lounge.
Here in Dunedin, we have 24 degrees, inside and out.
I do have other cameras!
Not sure - the thermometer thingy in the kitchen only goes up to 27; I'd say close to 30 though.
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21 at the moment, just started raining
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unless you have diarrhea
It is a lot cooler this morning, thank heavens. And I have adjusted my aircon on the advice of Ms Autumn. It works even better with the ice bottle behind the fan...

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