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What a nutjob!
Just bumped into someone the other day that said to me that viruses(and germ theory) is not real (including common cold, flu, covid, etc) and that getting "the flu" its just the bodys way of ridding itself naturally of its "toxins" quoted some book published from 1945.
Just looked like a load of pseudo-science BS to me!

Now these people are trying to tell others that Covid is not a real virus? WTF?
This all seems to fall into flat earth territory to me, and sadly ive met a few of those too!
you dont have to leave the house for your daily dose of nutjobs and wierdo's ct
ive seen where you post.
Here's another nutjob.
I do have other cameras!
Hoy, a little less scorn for nutjobs please. Not all of us are completely crazy...

Interesting wee bit in my current book - the statement that most of our cells are not human. From now on I'm blaming my fungal, bacterial, viral, mitachondrial and all the other passengers for my excessively wobbly bits...

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