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Windows 11 upgrading
Just thought I would share a couple of experiences about the upgrade process

Most of the time I have had little issues with upgrading to Windows 11 

The download media is here

The basic requirements are...

Windows 10 2004 or greater required for upgrade
CPU Recent cpus from up to 3 years ago eg Intel 8th generation and above...
RAM 4 gigabyte (GB).
Storage 64 GB or larger storage
System firmware UEFI, Secure Boot capable 
    (“Legacy” BIOS, also known as “CSM” Mode, is not allowed) 
    ( This generally means the HDD/SSD needs a GPT partition table, MBR is a no go)
TPM version 2.0 hardware required

I have had several desktop systems that generally meet the requirements less the TPM chip.  A quick check of the Motherboard found a TPM header that I was able to add one of these cards to meet the requirements

A couple of the above also had MBR partitioned drives that I tried and tried to convert to GPT but couldn't get this done successfully.
Thus, these needed the drive re-partitioned to GPT and windows reinstalled (backing up data of course)

On the subject of storage I had a client notebook (Acer) that had a weird double sided mSata card configured in a RAID 0.  This refused to complete the upgrade at all...  These should be few and far between...

Although there is a firm list of supported CPU, and anything older than three years or so is 'unsupported', Microsoft were nice enough to provide a workaround or 'hack' to allow older and unsupported systems to have windows 11 installed.  This is obviously unsupported by Microsoft and presumably comes with no warranty, not that any software Microsoft produce actually does...

Details are here, simple registry entry to allow the installation and bypass both CPU and TPM restrictions.

I have successfully upgraded an old HP SFF with a 4th Generation intel CPU and no TPM chip using this method...
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