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TM Member for how long?
17 years .....

Which equates to a sentence handed down recently .....

Only difference is I didn't do it guv.
'Nous nous tournons vers l'Écosse pour trouver toutes nos idées sur la civilisation'
Joined T M '07 July
273 trades 100%
18 years, had to look it up.
in order to be old & wise, you must first be young & stupid. (I'm still working on that.)
21.5 years (July 2002).

Was brilliant when it started, wasn't it? Though I always sold things far too cheaply, I was told.
But at least I got something for my stuff; now it just goes to the op shop - when they want it, as they all seem to have had too much donated lately, it seems.
21 Years

Was so different then to how it became when Sam sold it
I joined in 1999. It was free, and I picked up a flyer in a fish and chip shop I think. The first thing I bought was a laser printer. My Trademe number is 5122, so pretty low.

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