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Car parts at less then half price of local prices
Update parts from Korea have turned up today December 24 from Korea. Korea tracking was accurate till it did say delivered that would mean to country. Then it took some days untill nz tracking was updating, Customs did open the parcel but not damage components Had a stamp on it stating opened and Xmas tape on it. So i guess happy xmas Packet was well-packed with moisture absorbent mat and bubble wrapped and seal shrunk from ssangyoung motor corp and from spears korea who are the English drop shippers.

So basically 13 december to 24 dec it took to make it from the airport to whangarei. It also took over a week to source the parts from ssangyoung motorcorp to the dropshippers. So about 2 month lead time,e for genuine car parts from Korea you have to expect.
24 Dec
Today 09:07
Delivery Complete
Today 07:20
With courier for delivery
22 Dec
22/12/2021 13:20
In transit to local depot
Auckland, New Zealand
22/12/2021 09:11
International arrival
Auckland, New Zealand
13 Dec
13/12/2021 20:35
International departure
Seoul, South Korea
7 Dec
7/12/2021 14:40
Processed at outbound depot
Seoul, South Korea
7/12/2021 12:32
Picked up/Collected
About this parcel you can chat and you need to know the correct part numbers in my case mb140 mercedes aka SSangyoung istana.

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