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Car parts at less then half price of local prices
(25-11-2021, 08:36 PM)intrade Wrote: just placed a order for spares korea parts
update  to this just did  ask in chat box what the status is  its 7 days preparing  status still. They said  3 to 5  days   processing  tomorrow  so friday  evening in korera They was open at 8 am nz time it was lunch time for them when i did order the parts friday night a week ago.

"What it looks like weekends  don't count, So best to order mondays so the 5 days dont have  2  days non work in the order. The shipping agents do work saturday sundays
My  order is in Singapore from darkside  development . They shipped the next day They are also a  way smaller outfit then spareskorea .They did order  my  istana  mb140 mercedes  parts from ssangyoung corp and seem to be a drop-ship agent  They can only order  from part numbers.
i will update when that order is shipped  as its my first order from korea.

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