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Car parts at less then half price of local prices
New rules are 1000 gets sent without customs charges. However, Everyone well almost everyone is forced to sign up to collect GST charged at source and forward it to nz governmental GSt collection. This means Almost no one will ship to new zealand only some who Dont want and are not forced to comply with this rules. I think luise rossman is forecd to comply and he wont do so or He did not read it correctly as He said he wont collect no taxes and do other governments jobs.
Now i get 2 shippments one looks like 954$ including shipping and it seems to have made it without tax but will confirm. because if they want taxes i have to Contact the customs agent in the south island Helping me clear and not pay items on that lower value old law rules what ever you call it.

New Rule law is 1000 and 1 cent will need a special number you need to have and anyone neeeds this To give to the origin shipper to atatch to the waybill So customes will then charge you via this number account The import tax and GST once They get a wiff of your waybill goods getting closer to nz.
If you do not have the number you wont get no goods and storage fees will compile on top till it all is paid in full.
However, below 1000 one tousend doller it will should be cleared free with no customs or GSt charges.
I think i did read it did say The one from england was cleared customs But is stuck in auckland now.

Both my goods are airfreight. From UK muffler pipe and from korea Supply parts order for mb140 istana van i got 3 slave cilinders and some special radiator vibration mounts that are ul;tra difficult to make any other way Top mount round donut rubber looking .

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