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Reccomendations for a home printer pleas.
We need a new printer and I'd appreciate any advice as to what to buy for home use.
really depends on what you need it for but i've always had a good run out of the Brother printers
couple of points
- if you don't need colour just one of their black and white laser printers would be the go.
- general rule of thumb with inkjets is less you pay for printer, the more you pay for inks.
- if you have apple phones tablets then make sure your printer supports airprint. some of the cheapies don't
- if you don't want to pay for expensive inks google the printer model before buying and see if aftermarket (cheapie) cartridges are available for it
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What sort of things are you printing? i.e. do you need colour?

Can't go wrong with a cheap laser if you're just doing black & white.
When my last inkjet printer died, I bought a black and white laser printer - a Fuji Xerox.
I do have other cameras!
Another general rule of thumb for inkjet printers. Try to buy one that'll use compatible inks and NEVER buy the 'real' inks at the inflated prices which are charged.  My little Canon Pixma cost me $18 + postage for all FIVE cartridges last time I got them from TradeMe a few months ago.  That's not $18 each that's $18 for all 5.  In total.  Be smart.
I’ve used a few different types and brands over the years, Canon have by far been the best, HP by far the worst. Brother was pretty good, Fuji good as well. Agree with the above regarding generic ink.
The inks typically cost more than the printer, unless it's a real expensive model, but even then you look at $100 or more worth of ink that you are lucky to get a ream of paper out of.

Brother generally are good as far as inches go and they have great customer support.
I think most of the cheap laser printers are fine, I've had reliable performance from Brother lasers.

If you're concerned about costs do some research into the comparative ink costs as it is the ink that is the main cost, not the actual printer.
Thanks everyone for your advice. It's very much appreciated.
I've always used HP printers. Not because they're any better than any other brand, but because the print head is built into the cartridge. A print problem?  No worry just toss the cartridge and start again. Compatible cartridges seem to work fine.

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