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Holiday season
Anyone going away for Christmas and/or New Years?

Will be sweating away in Napier for a week so that should be good. Sunburn in the offing.
The only potential absence for me is a long awaited hip op. I have promised faithfully to be a good girl if my number comes up in the electives lottery, but other than that, nope, I'll be within cooee of home base for the foreseeable...
We had a nice long weekend away beginning of November, up to Blenheim, Picton, Ferry to Wellington and back to chch... But while all those renegade Aucklanders are on the loose we will be staying home for now - maybe go somewhere close for a weekend but that's about it.
The world would be a perfect place, if it wasn't for the humans.

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Staying home, sitting tight, hoping to avoid the Omicron bite. One case yesterday, three today.
This time last year we were booking AirBnBs for a road trip over the New Year from the Naki, throught Taihape to the Hawkes Bay and on through Gisborne, the East Cape and then Tauranga and home again. It was a good journey but this year we're happy to stay put here on our farmlet. Too busy ATM to have to factor in an illness event and besides I just shouted myself some new single malts and a fancy tequila so have to be home to accept visitors to enjoy them with Tongue
We'll just be at home - if we do go away, it won't be until later in the summer.
I do have other cameras!
Staying home. The odd trip up to Hamilton to see family/friends, and that's about it. That makes me happy.
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