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Villeroy & Boch vessel ID needed

I inherited this lidded vessel from someone who had inherited it from a collector great-uncle.   It is in poor condition so probably not saleable,  ut I would love to know what it is.   

Height is about 27 cm, the hole in the lid is about 4cm.   The most likely use for it I can think of is as a receptacle for food scraps,  but that doesn't entirely work.   Nor does it seem like a chamberpot.
This is fabulous, love the pattern - but I am a fan of blue and white porcelain.

If I was you I would contact V&B direct, and ask them to identify the piece for you. Try this -

And let us know how you get on. As for saleable, everything is...
I like it, but don't know what it is. The mark dates back to late 1800's, early 1900's, but can't work out the significance of the hole in the lid.

Unrelated, while looking at chamberpots, I stumbled across this little guy from 1805. Poor Napoleon.

[Image: ag3vkf8l9mb71.jpg]
Didn't we do something similar with Trump? Oh I know - toilet paper...
I got a very quick response from V & B :

"This item was part of a washing with pattern LUISE, produced during the years about 1890 till 19120 As tableware sets were not dated individually, it is not possible to indicate an exact year of manufacturing.
The material is earthenware and the pattern is a transfer print under glaze decoration.
This round dish was used to carry away the used water after washing/body cleaning."

Thanks for the suggestion to contact them hunni.
I did wonder about Luise, but thought there were too many differences. I'm glad you got the puzzle solved!

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