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Favorite Cafes around New Zealand. - Ferrit47 - 10-01-2021

Please Tell Everyone about your Favorite Cafes you have found or visit.
I have 2 favorite ones in Rotorua.
1  is Springs Bakery in The Fairy Springs Shopping Centre on Corner of Fairy Springs Road & Old Quarry Road.
The Owners are very friendly & Welcoming & Polite & Honest.
Nothing seems a problem at all.
The food is always Fresh each day.
The Coffee is Excellent.
So do try it out.
Theres a new Cafe called Eastwood Cafe in The Scion Grounds Formerly known as The FRI  Research Centre. 
The food  &  Coffee is Excellent.
I Thoroughly Recommend Eastwood Cafe.
The Staff are all very Friendly Polite & Helpful.
To get to it You have to go up Tarawera Road & Turn Right onto Longmile Drive that goes down to The Redwood Visitors Centre & keep going Following The Signs Eastwood Cafe. 
Do go & try it out.
You wont be sorry you did.

RE: Favorite Cafes around New Zealand. - Bracken - 11-01-2021

Civic Café, Dunedin City Council building - helpful, courteous staff, delicious coffee, the nicest Eggs Benedict I've ever had.

Union Co Café, Port Chalmers - excellent food, friendly atmosphere, interesting views of port and streets.

Badger and Mackerel, Oamaru - on main shopping street, fabulous selection of foods.

Walnut Cottage Café, Orewa, Auckland - good selection of tasty foods, generous servings.

RE: Favorite Cafes around New Zealand. - Rumpelteazer - 11-01-2021

The Orchard House Cafe and Restaurant, 5 min north of Katikati on SH2.  Interesting historic decor, nice food and coffee. Plenty of parking,friendly staff.

The Glory Cafe at Ngatea, (formerly The Copper Kettle) is always worth a stop on the way north or south between Bay of Plenty and Auckland.   Staff are helpful and food and coffee good.