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Donations to keep TMMB running for the next 12 months
I have been contemplating shutting this site down due to lack of use and I hope there is a way to spark interest in increasing its use.
I still have genuine kiwi members registering, but not posting here.
Im hoping that it might be possible to turn things around and generate traffic, so I will keep this site running for another 12 months and see how things go.

It costs $35 euro for the webhosting which works out roughly at $80 NZD.

Any donations, large or small are much appreciated.

Account number is:



Come On Everyone.
Lets get behind Shaun & Help him keeo TMMB Running as its a great Site.
You have to find some way of getting more people here and posting interesting topics. I came back a month or so ago and tried to post a few things but it's a bit demoralising when you know there's no-one else around to reply. The trivia quiz doesn't do it for me and that's the only thing you have.

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