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Car parts at less then half price of local prices
Tuesday, November 9, 2021
3:17 PM

Shipment information sent to FedEx

Sunday, November 14, 2021
8:29 PM
In transit Tendered to authorized agent for final delivery

should be here soon 250 bux 2 pulley 1  tensioner and a belt for a outlander mitsubishi
What was the price in NZ.
How much are you making in commission from these guys?
(15-11-2021, 06:48 PM)Jacky13 Wrote: What was the price in NZ.
its 450 bux in nz with trade discounts Exclamation verses 250  from rockauto. rockauto prices are  for  trade and non trade the same. it was 1  day early today i got the parts. new  zealand shipping is  what took  so long.

(16-11-2021, 06:57 AM)ObeWan Wrote: How much are you making in commission from these guys?
 nothing these  are trade prices i quoted-  you cant  really  make a living  fixing cars as no one will be able to pay  you or they  just wont pay  you in the end  and you have to pay these  extortion prices. And its not going to get  better more  worse now.
Landrover parts are halfe the price from UK even with GST & freight
Badgertronix on Youtube did a video about the great NZ ripoff. He was servicing his Alfa 156 and just wanted filters and plugs. Supercheap and Repco wanted just shy of $900 for plugs, and filters.

The same parts from the UK incl shipping was $124.
Seems like a ripoff. Just normal NGK spark plugs are usually only like $6. I used to have to buy a few on my two stroke motorbike as it would foul a few.
fcp euro is another good place i got stuff from . Post ones  you know and purchased from
just placed a order for spares korea parts
(25-11-2021, 08:36 PM)intrade Wrote: just placed a order for spares korea parts
update  to this just did  ask in chat box what the status is  its 7 days preparing  status still. They said  3 to 5  days   processing  tomorrow  so friday  evening in korera They was open at 8 am nz time it was lunch time for them when i did order the parts friday night a week ago.

"What it looks like weekends  don't count, So best to order mondays so the 5 days dont have  2  days non work in the order. The shipping agents do work saturday sundays
My  order is in Singapore from darkside  development . They shipped the next day They are also a  way smaller outfit then spareskorea .They did order  my  istana  mb140 mercedes  parts from ssangyoung corp and seem to be a drop-ship agent  They can only order  from part numbers.
i will update when that order is shipped  as its my first order from korea.
that took a while The online chat is good but it took over 1 week to get a order from paid to shipped.
its on its way now So looks like no scam place.

Destination - Cached time: 2021-12-08 13:20:50 (GMT+13:00)
2021-12-07 14:40

South Korea, Seoul, Your item has arrived at an overseas depot and is being prepared for sending to New Zealand
2021-12-07 12:32

Your item has been collected by the overseas postal service and is en route to their depot

Origin - Cached time: 2021-12-08 13:20:46 (GMT+13:00)
2021-12-07 14:40

INTERNATIONAL POST OFFICE, Arrival at outward office of exchange
2021-12-07 13:04

SEOUL GWANGJIN, Departure from inward office of exchange
2021-12-07 12:32

SEOUL GWANGJIN, Posting/Collection, Posting office zip code : 05048, Transit or Destination country : NEW ZEALAND
Report back when your consignment actually arrives.

We have a shipment on its way from Shanghai and is enroute between Hong Kong and Brisbane presently so hopefully we'll have a pre-Xmas restock. Only a couple of delays involved in the Hong Kong stopover this time. Back in July we saw a shipment waiting off of Hong Kong for around two weeks so things may be improving in regards to international shipping. We know the vessels' names so we track them on
New rules are 1000 gets sent without customs charges. However, Everyone well almost everyone is forced to sign up to collect GST charged at source and forward it to nz governmental GSt collection. This means Almost no one will ship to new zealand only some who Dont want and are not forced to comply with this rules. I think luise rossman is forecd to comply and he wont do so or He did not read it correctly as He said he wont collect no taxes and do other governments jobs.
Now i get 2 shippments one looks like 954$ including shipping and it seems to have made it without tax but will confirm. because if they want taxes i have to Contact the customs agent in the south island Helping me clear and not pay items on that lower value old law rules what ever you call it.

New Rule law is 1000 and 1 cent will need a special number you need to have and anyone neeeds this To give to the origin shipper to atatch to the waybill So customes will then charge you via this number account The import tax and GST once They get a wiff of your waybill goods getting closer to nz.
If you do not have the number you wont get no goods and storage fees will compile on top till it all is paid in full.
However, below 1000 one tousend doller it will should be cleared free with no customs or GSt charges.
I think i did read it did say The one from england was cleared customs But is stuck in auckland now.

Both my goods are airfreight. From UK muffler pipe and from korea Supply parts order for mb140 istana van i got 3 slave cilinders and some special radiator vibration mounts that are ul;tra difficult to make any other way Top mount round donut rubber looking .
The regulations on paying GST on 'low value' imported goods changed 2 years ago and the current regulations can be found HERE.

Essentially it raised the threshold from NZD400 to NZD1,000 and also mandated larger sellers including online selling platforms such as eBay to register for NZ GST and add (and collect) that tax at time of sale. The exception is if the seller sells less than NZD60,000/year to NZ customers which is the same threshold that NZ businesses' turnover is before having to GST register.

This brings us into line with the Australian GST regulations and their equivalent is a AUD75,000 threshold of goods sent there. We have a number of Aussie sales but don't sell anywhere near AUD75K of good there so don't have to register. Therefore our Aussie customers aren't charged AU GST (or NZ GST as our checkout deducts this for overseas delivery addresses).

For NZ buyers the way to avoid paying GST on low value imports is to buy from smaller traders (directly, not through eBay, etc) and keep your order below NZD1,000. Splitting a larger order into smaller consignments doesn't work as Customs do monitor recipients' activities over time and will combine multiple consignments and charge taxes accordingly.

The incoming shipment I mentioned above is a trade sized order of stock for us and its value is way beyond NZD1,000. We use a Customs and shipping agent to manage the transport and importation formalities which are far more complex than for 'low value' retail sized orders like yours.
Update parcel has arrived 0 Gst or other taxes have been paid was delivered no signature required and was of cours in the rain Where i could not see it from the shop.
Now I can tell you the truth since i did not pay gst it was over 1 grand but i could proof in court it was below as officially i paid 954 or so doller ... but i have had 150 pound store credit. From cash money notes that the banks would not exchange So i sent 150 pound in the envelope for 3 doller or what ever it cost to post a letter of no value to them with a note put as store credit because of nz mafia gungster thugs and i cant come to uk etc. As some would recall i wrote on tradme forum sending the cash over .
Also i also did not send cash as that is illegal right.. Anyhow it was that plus 150 pound on top for this order . so 1 grand will make it with nill GST nill taxes now if the seller is willing to ship To nZ.
My other parcel still says transit korea departing.
This is what it took to deliver from auckland in reverse almost 2 weeks from auckland to whangarei.

Today 09:43
Today 08:19
With courier for delivery
9 Dec
9/12/2021 22:51
Processing at depot
9/12/2021 10:43
Processing at depot
9/12/2021 10:43
Oversized - unable to deliver
8 Dec
8/12/2021 09:34
Collected from sender
Airport Oaks
1 Dec
1/12/2021 03:23
Tracking number allocated to parcel
Update parts from Korea have turned up today December 24 from Korea. Korea tracking was accurate till it did say delivered that would mean to country. Then it took some days untill nz tracking was updating, Customs did open the parcel but not damage components Had a stamp on it stating opened and Xmas tape on it. So i guess happy xmas Packet was well-packed with moisture absorbent mat and bubble wrapped and seal shrunk from ssangyoung motor corp and from spears korea who are the English drop shippers.

So basically 13 december to 24 dec it took to make it from the airport to whangarei. It also took over a week to source the parts from ssangyoung motorcorp to the dropshippers. So about 2 month lead time,e for genuine car parts from Korea you have to expect.
24 Dec
Today 09:07
Delivery Complete
Today 07:20
With courier for delivery
22 Dec
22/12/2021 13:20
In transit to local depot
Auckland, New Zealand
22/12/2021 09:11
International arrival
Auckland, New Zealand
13 Dec
13/12/2021 20:35
International departure
Seoul, South Korea
7 Dec
7/12/2021 14:40
Processed at outbound depot
Seoul, South Korea
7/12/2021 12:32
Picked up/Collected
About this parcel you can chat and you need to know the correct part numbers in my case mb140 mercedes aka SSangyoung istana.

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