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12 everyday items from the past
(22-03-2022, 06:47 PM)Olive Wrote: Bluebags!  I remember them for bee stings.  I wonder what was in them, something alkaline, perhaps baking soda.  Am I right to think that washing soda was a thing?  What was it?
Baking soda, sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3; washing soda, sodium carbonate Na2CO3. Blue bag was ferric ferrocyanide- Prussian Blue dye.
I do have other cameras!
Persil, Rinso, Sunlight soap, Carter's little liver pills, Hardy's, (take Hardy's & oh the relief) & Rawleighs products. The 'Rawleigh's man' used to travel around country areas selling their products & back then, almost every house would have at least one Rawleighs product, usually their ointment which came in a flat tin, decorated in blue & silver/white swirls, which used to fascinated me for some reason.

Portia faces life was a radio serial - there were others, but the only other one I can remember was Doctor Paul - I think they were on of a morning but there were others on in the evenings.
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