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Where the Unmasked "Exempt" Can be Found: Cities, Suburbs, Towns
aaaahh the inimitable Mr Sidney Vicious
my favourite version

(26-11-2021, 01:35 PM)Oh_hunnihunni Wrote: Flesh. Mmmmmm, lovely stuff that...
Especially when it's wrapped up in a male body. Blush
[quote='Magoo' pid='8094' dateline='1637887462']
aaaahh the inimitable Mr Sidney Vicious
my favourite version

Did you see Sid and Nancy the movie? Saw it yeaarrrssss ago. By the end, I wanted to kill her.
(27-11-2021, 06:39 PM)Underwhelmed Wrote:
(26-11-2021, 01:44 PM)Magoo Wrote: aaaahh the inimitable Mr Sidney Vicious
my favourite version

Did you see Sid and Nancy the movie? Saw it yeaarrrssss ago. By the end, I wanted to kill her.
and her mum
(26-11-2021, 07:10 AM)Magoo Wrote:
(25-11-2021, 07:49 PM)Underwhelmed Wrote: Have you confronted someone? What was the reaction? What's mask wearing like in your area?

I don't know why people won't wear masks. I understand it's become a political thing, but seriously.  We all have to wear clothes although sometimes those clothes are hot and scratchy because the community has decided it's in the community's best interest. We all have to wear seatbelts, even though the things are uncomfortable. We all have to pass a driving test and an eye test every few years - again, in the community's best interest.
no ive not confronted anyone yet i thought id give the obstinate pricks until christmas to get it together.
but jacinda has pulled that date forward to Dec 3rd.
thereafter i will be much less tolerant and much more aggressive .

king1, i will absolutely approach you if i see you in a place where masks are required by law.
unless you are wheezing and struggling to breath i am not going to be very forgiving im afraid.
if your raspatory system is so compromised i would have thought the last thing you would want is to be around maskless people. you are vulnerable.
covid might be a death sentence for you.
im doing it to protect people like you from those whose indifference, politics or just lack of IQ would see others harmed.
get the shots, wear a mask when im around, you'll be fine.

Would you be so nasty if you were in an area that has never had any sign of Covid ever, is in the South Island where Dr. B. said should be Green three months ago and still has had no sign of Covid? I wear a mask but have forgotten it the odd time when paying for petrol and the person behind the screen hasn't been wearing one either, didn't worry me but it might if I was in a Covid area where people have not obeyed rules and have spread it. If someone confronted me they would get it back but I can do it in an intelligent way without using swear words---I would just laugh at your lack of command of decent English.

Take your anger out on those who have been having large gatherings and breaking all the rules so are spreading it but I bet you wouldn't confront them. It's easier to have a 'go' at some poor person who has done everything right but forgotten to wear their mask just as you see them on that day.
Well that certainly told him.
If im going to be an unreasonable prick im going to be reasonable about it.
I too have forgotten my mask. Schlepped back to the car for it on numerous occasions.
I wasnt talking about mistakes and omissions, you knew that already but the pimple that is your inner karen needed to be popped and that was the best you could do on short notice?
Im talking about the anti maskers. those against masks (i shouldnt really need to explain this to you, my posts are both tacit and succinct)
Those skid mark dregs of society who openly walk into the supermarket knowing what might happen.
I might happen. I will tell you to fuck off as loudly and aggressively and rudely as I did to the man at the Te Puke Mitre 10 on Friday who brazenly walked past the employee at the door and refused to acknowledge him. I didnt see it, but covered the 50 meters lickety split when i heard the raised voices. I wasnt the first as another gentleman had just told him exactly the same thing, but without the inherent menace i offer free of charge.
If I catch any anti mask arseholes hassling employees anywhere i will react the same way. The employee thanked the other chap for saying something.
Is it clear that i am not going to let any of my family be infected by some antisocial knuckle dragging moron who wants to make a point?
I wont tolerate it. So nasty have these maggot parasites been through this pandemic, that there are lots of people out here just waiting for them to start up their shit.
People that are tired of this shit, this pandemic and the antisocial leeches and bottom feeders dragging it out. People who know the fastest and easiest way to beat this is to mask and vaccinate, everyone, except the 0.00014 percent of those unable to do so.
So not everyone except this guy and that guy because of this belief or that credo or whatever political posturing mantra they adhere to. Everyone. Especially the excuse makers, them first.
The others should be made to live in the south island or somewhere equally inhospitable and barren like the lepers of old. Somewhere the rest of us dont have to put up with their horse shit, filthy plague rat carrying disease ridden transmitters of death and suffering.
Dont be surprised at the push back, people take their health very seriously, and unless youve got a medical degree or in the microbiology field you are just an internet scientist whose opinion is not valid, at all. by all means opine as you will, but i cannot place my faith in those people who have decided vaccination and masks are useless with their 5th Form educations, and from the comfort of their office chair or sofa. Arrogant morons, think they know better than the combined medical establishment, and proceed to spread it
I will not let these cabbages impact on my or my families health.
In summation Kacee, yes you might be right my swearing might be below your rose scented millefiori, on the other hand, get fucked, it works. There is no room for woolly thinking and high minded pseudo empathists anywhere anymore.
If you arent with us (society), you are against us.

Jolly good then old bean, weve got that sorted, glad i could help.
Do let me know if youve any other concerns, and remember, be kind.
Anyone can just print off those mask exemption cards and carry them around, I see heaps of people using them now.

Stupid, hot stuffy masks in summer, i cant say I hardly blame anybody for doing so.

Does anyone remember the advert for the vaccine where everyone was nose rubbing without wearing masks?
Seems that message has been dropped.
Interesting bit of investigative journalism by Paddy Gower on tonight's 3 News
(Yesterday, 06:43 PM)harm_less Wrote: Interesting bit of investigative journalism by Paddy Gower on tonight's 3 News
I'd hazard a guess her medical registration is about to be revoked
The world would be a perfect place, if it wasn't for the humans.

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(Yesterday, 07:17 PM)king1 Wrote:
(Yesterday, 06:43 PM)harm_less Wrote: Interesting bit of investigative journalism by Paddy Gower on tonight's 3 News
I'd hazard a guess her medical registration is about to be revoked
I'd hope so, that's well out of order & could have some repercussions for those using the certificates & those they com into contact with, if any have the virus. Several investigations are under way now, so hope that ends it . Its stunning that any Dr could do something so bloody dangerous.
in order to be old & wise, you must first be young & stupid. (I'm still working on that.)
I just had a conversation with my lovely neighbour. He is a lovely man, always happy to help us oldies, generous with his possessions, making a great garden. But, he's antivax. I listened to his arguments, all about control, and anti science, and protests and flying the flag upside down.

Sad really. I really like him, but he's even more away with the fairies than I am.

I hope he doesn't get sick. He's in that dangerous middle age group. But more importantly, if he does, I hope those aerosols stay on his side of the fence.

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