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Full Version: Afternoon Quiz
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I think we all have a duty to strive to remain a bit silly; it adds colour to the world. Smile

Or something.


10, Thank you Rumpelteazer
13 again, the Celtic lucky number...
Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: December 1, 2021

10 today.
Thank you rumpy


8 thanks Rumpelteazer
13 - thank you, Rumpelteazer
11, happy with that...
Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: December 2, 2021


Thank you guru rumpy.


4,thank you Rumpelteazer
11 today, cheers Rumpelteazer
10 - thank you, Rumpelteazer
It's a 13. Back to you in the studio.

11, clear skies, bright sun, and the grocery order all done. Double flybuys, and sixteen stickers, I love a good supermarket promo!


12, good effort Lil, also thx for posting
Well done, Lilith.

13 for me, I like a juicy quiz Smile

Thank you.

Well done lilith.

The Chasers always so 'go with your instinct'.
Bugger it. Very often the ones I get wrong, are my second thought.

Hope you've all had a good day, and have a great weekend planned. Enjoy.