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Full Version: Afternoon Quiz
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Eleven, and I agree about Marie...
8 for me, two long days in a row, I might just take tomorrow off...
Ten today, not too many sports questions.
"13" remarked Brian the spider.
He looked across at Petonegal sitting glumly in the corner. She was wearing dungarees and a dunce's cap for some reason.
"Hey you, what's your favourite band?"
Petonegal looked back at the arachnid and thought long and hard - which made a change.
"Banned?" she asked, buying herself a little time.
"No, b-a-n-d, band." Spiders were notoriously good at identifying homophones.
"Oh, umm, Coldplay" she said reluctantly, knowing that this was the wrong answer. Nobody's favourite band should be Coldplay, and she wasn't nobody. She was somebody goddamnit, but it was too late.
Brian's eight eyes glazed over. "No, no, no" he exhaled grumpily and stormed out of the room leaving a delicate silk thread behind him.
"I'm always responsible for the best threads!" exclaimed Petonegal triumphantly as all the light ebbed from the room.
Oh gods, another egotist has just left the room.

We should celebrate. Another half a glass maybe...


But I successfully devastated the front garden bed.
10 today - & after mowing the dreaded lawn.
Nine for me

Be 7 if I hadn't adjusted for hitting the wrong button.
Yeah, its really annoying when you do that, too.
11 today, with a few lucky guesses.
Ten today. I know about margaritas.
Six. Abysmal.
9 for me also
ten for me, thanks for the link...

12 and a vegetarian pizza for dinner