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Full Version: Afternoon Quiz
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It's a 13, thanks!

Sausages and mash for dinner.
I'll try not to get too excited - with my stunning luck, I'll probably get 8 or 9 tomorrow! Smile
Thank you Lilith, and congratulations.

14 but it would've been a full house if I had trusted my intuition dammit.
[quote pid='8625' dateline='1638166979']
Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: December 4, 2021

11 today
Cheers Rumpelteazer
Thanks rumpy.

I didn't agree with that last one. It's splitting image, not spitting image.

I just checked, and they are both correct. I was robbed of getting 10. Mongrels.
One is the earlier, but usage permits similar sounding misquotes to become accepted. The same thing has happened with 'setting foot' v 'stepping foot'.

That ever changing language eh?
13/15 - thank you, Rumpelteazer.

(have read in very old books, "spit and image", and "the very spit")
I have always known it as spitting image.

However English is a living language.  Smile


Thank you Rumpel
Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: December 5, 2021

8 today.Cheers Rumpelteazer.

Thanks rumpy
9 for me too.
10/15 - thank you, Rumpelteazer.

Q6 - I make mine with "batter", not "dough" Smile


4, thanks Rumpelteazer
13, it's all good. Cheers.

Looking forward to a piece of carrot cake in a short while.
Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: December 6, 2021