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Full Version: Afternoon Quiz
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12 - thank you, jackford
7 - it could always have been worse.
Cheers Jack.
7 thanks Jackford


6 Thank you jackford.
7 this afternoon.
7, thanks Jackford
6 today. Cheers Jack
11 - thank you, jackford.

11 this afternoon including two lucky guesses...
8 this afternoon, cheers OHH


9, thank you hunni
Thank you hunni
7 thanks Oh_hunnihunni
8. I think you are supposed to watch TV...which I don't.

13, pride cometh before a face plant Hunni...
11 today.
12 Thank you hunni

(Why did you leave that job hunni?)


12, thanks Oh_hunnihunni

But I would just like to point out that I have Snags in many colours, and they don't match any of the answers.