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Full Version: Afternoon Quiz
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12 for me...
7, thanks Oh_hunnihunni
A dismal 7 for me too - stinkers, those questions!
8 thanks Oh_hunnihunni
10 this time, cheers hunni.
11 today, cheers Hunni.

7 as the Queen dies on The Last Kingdom...

So sad.
7 - who would thought a bloke with a beard would put a tax on beards, fgs! I bet beards disappeared fairly swiftly. Smile

8 for me but I did miskey one, but I mustn't cheat...
10 today, cheers Hunni.
ten for me too. Cheers Hunni.
9 for me this evening.
10 thanks Oh_hunnihunni
10 thank you Crone!