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Full Version: Afternoon Quiz
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11 today - lucky guesses, some of them
11 for me too, a few lucky guesses but mainly things I actually knew! What a thrill.

I am mired in single digits.
9 for me also.
10, tg 4 my kids fascination for Chris Rock...
11 thanks Lilith7
8. After ten hours of no power, one very pissed off hunni...
Bloody hell - that's quite a long time. Hope they had a good reason.
Nope. They just forgot to tell us the work was going to happen. Work they had on the to do list since January...

We are a tad cross.

However -

9 today for me.
THIRTEEN !!!! I will never surpass this, it will be downhill from now on.
8 again - I think compensation is called for, Hunni,ask for Whittaker's! Smile
7 on yesterday's
10 for me too. A steep decline from my glorious effort yesterday.
10 for me representing an improvement. Must be because I vacuumed the rug...

Reward for good behaviour.
So 10 is OK ? For guessing, and for not knowing the probably balances out to be accurate.