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Full Version: Afternoon Quiz
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Not to be ungrateful, but it is a slight improvement on this mornings abysmal tally...
Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: December 9, 2021

6 Sad
10 ~ thank you, Rumpelteazer Smile
10, cheers Rumpelteazer
11, thanks Rumpelteazer
9 again...
Afternoon trivia challenge: December 10, 2021

8 today, cheers Rumpelteazer
11 this evening, thanks Rumpelteazer
11 - thank you, Rumpelteazer
10... broke the 9 hex again...
12 today. Plenty of guesses.
Thank you Olwen, 9
10 - thank you, olwen.


11, Thank you Olwen
11 today, cheers Olwen
13/15 - thank you, olwen.
Hadn't done quiz for a few days, but first one back, 15/15. Beautiful.

Thanks Olwen Smile