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Full Version: Afternoon Quiz
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11, slightly better than this morning's pathetic effort!
9 on a day when pigs flew and the government reduced a tax...
11. No flying pigs...

I am deeply ashamed of myself.
Ten! Beginner's luck, plus I went to school in Hamilton.
10 thanks Oh_hunnihunni
Seven. Again.

Nice weather though. I should go water the garden.
6 this arvo. Back to school.

6 - & damned lucky to get that, they're all guesses except two. The entire quiz is sports, the America's cup for gawd's sake!
Yes, six...
9 thanks Lilith7
Seven. Again. Apple and peach crumble for dinner will make everything okay.
7 for me too.
Only seven for me, most of my guesses were wrong. However we have very promising dark grey clouds arriving overhead so there could be some rain soon. I hope so, because I shirked my watering duties in anticipation.
A pathetic 6 - almost all off those were guesses.